• The Magic of the Israelites

The Magic of the Israelites is composed of two texts completing the Vol. I of the larger work: The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses.

Here, the anonymous author explains in depth how the Israelites and believers knew the secret ways of the seer, visions, magic and magnetism through faith, making them able to accomplish high deeds in the name of Christ. Also is discussed the scriptural physicians and the healings performed in The New Covenant where is explained the extraordinary events which have reference to magic and magnetism. Because in the new covenant the magical healing of diseases was performed in so many instances without visible means, as well by Christ himself as by the apostles, from which it would appear that all these miracles and healings were the result of nothing else than magic or magnetism.

The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses is aimed at the researcher, at the one who aspires to a different dimension, at the Mage wishing to perfect and develop his knowledge and his powers. The latter will judge this book as a formidable lever allowing him to enter in contact with higher Intelligences and Spirits, without any complicated rituals, in a simple and precise way to obtain the Secret of Secrets.

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The Magic of the Israelites

The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, Vol. I.

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